Automatically adding of new stocks?

Many times I hear about a stock which piques my interest. I look on freetrade and it isn’t available, so I have to request it, and wait a week for it to be added, by when it has already appreciated in price.

Is it possible to automatically add stocks that are added to the Nasdaq, NYSE, etc? It would probably save a lot of time reviewing individual requests, but it also means that FT customers can buy them sooner when they hold interest for them. What are the barriers to doing so? I know FT have certain criteria, but is it a case of 1/2 people to administer, or can a degree of it be automated? It just seems like it would be easier and more satisfactory for FT customers if individual stocks are already listed rather than having to request.


If you had stocks automaticity added, I’m sure the community would help report if something didn’t look right in the app. Similar to Monzo’s merchant data