Freetrade slow to add stocks

I have been on Freetrade for almost 2 months now as a plus member, and overall I am very satisfied with the platform.

My only issue at present is the lack of choice with regards to individual stocks and speed with which Freetrade add requested stocks.

In the past 2 weeks I have requested 2 different stocks and not had any reply to the request. Similarly, requests for stocks like $BLNK have been made for over a year, and it is still absent on the platform (despite running up over +1000% in that time period).

Notably, on many other platforms, most requests are granted and added to the platform within 24 hours.

I would be interested to know if there is a specific reason as to why Freetrade are unable to add certain stocks for weeks/months after they are requested ($SNDL, $GIK, $THCB etc.) and whether they plan to remedy this in the near future.

I do appreciate they are still a young company and may still be growing in this regard.

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A few of those stocks they’ve recently said their US partner don’t support and they’re in discussions. It feels like its mainly new spacs and the like.

I hope they’re realising the appetite and working on a solution.


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