Bacanora Takeover - Stock + Money vanished from Portfolio

It’s been a few days and still the value of the shares is missing from my portfolio… hasn’t been re-credited… anybody else seeing the same thing?

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Nope - mine still show in my portfolio

still shows in my ISA portfolio, may be an issue in GIA?

Nope, mine disappeared from the ISA without a trace - FT confirmed that everything is ‘according to plan’ and not to worry when I reached out to support. Their corporate team is apparently working on this.

Corporate actions can take ~5 working days to complete after which the broker’s operations may take a bit longer to make changes

Koni, have you seen the money reappear yet? I’m still down in my ISA.

Nope, still missing a sizeable chunk of my portfolio :grimacing:

This is kind of weird. I’d at least expect to hear something.

Do you know how I can get in touch with FT support?

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Or alternatively go to the FT app, click the top right ‘user’ icon and scroll down to ‘contact us’, I managed to get a response fairly quickly that way.

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