Balancing and managing your portfolio

Just a general one this as I sat pondering and scrolling down my rather long list of stocks as I approach my first full anniversary on Freetrade !

How many is too many ? I currently hold 40 separate stocks within Freetrade. (29 currently in the green and 11 showing red).

5 of the 40 are stocks are where I doubled the value of my original investment, sold half and then reinvested in something else and am now just letting the remaining shares run.

Around 20 of the stocks are what I consider long termers whereby I only really add and don’t sell. These are mainly ETFs and stocks like BBOX, EWI, SAIN, MRC etc.

I then have around 10 individual picks which I felt were good for growth over a short/medium term which may either evolve into a sell half and keep the rest running or might add to my long term holds if It feels right . A couple of examples are stocks like Cineworld, Card Factory, Investec, Scapa .

Of the remaining bunch 1 is currently suspended pending an RTO and the other 4/5 alongside this one are pretty much speculative punts where I either like the business concept or idea , think it’s something that may do well in future and I bought at what I considered a reasonable price.

Don’t really have any issues managing the portfolio and I’m happy with my returns (Circa 50% in the year) but am I missing out by spreading myself too thinly or would you expand further if what you were doing worked for you ? Thoughts ?


Have a look at as there is a lot of answers / opinions in there

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Thanks Scud.

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