Best & Worst Investments 💸


I did something similar to your friend this year, got a nice little bonus from work (thanks to Trump’s tax cut apparently) that I used to buy Freetrade shares last month :smiley:

Editing to state the obvious here: Fingers crossed it’ll pay off like your friend’s apple shares did!

(Aisling Browne ) #48

Here here. Iota coin excited me. It went from $0.8 to $4 pretty much overnight (slight over exaggeration). Anyway… I heard something big was coming - “it was the new bitcoin”. Jokes on me… it’s currently at $0.9 :nauseated_face:

Safe to say i’ve lost all interest in crypto - can’t do it to myself!


I think this is the central problem with cryptos at the moment. Each cryptoasset is underpinned by a distributed app that is there to do a job or solve a problem. But the distributed apps haven’t proven themselves, or if they have they haven’t in a way that makes it obvious how you could start to put a fair value on them or their cryptoasset.

Eg Bitcoin certainly has some success, but it seems to me that its job is “uncensorable payments/money” or something like that, and that’s a use which doesn’t seem to be growing particularly (please correct me if I’m wrong!) That job also got muddied a bit last year as investors bid the price up and everyone stopped using btc to buy pizzas.

Eg Ethereum’s job is “you can make your own distributed apps”, but again it’s a bit unclear what value those distributed apps have yet.

So buying cryptos ends up feeling and looking more like speculating or betting than investing at the moment. Of course, this could well all change in time, and massively. Just feels like they’re not there yet.


Oh and please, someone, educate me :slight_smile: I’d like to be wrong about that ^


Maybe it’s a good job I didn’t tell you guys about the time I got a royalty payment and spent most of it on an Aibo.

I mean, how could a two grand robot dog not shoot up in value? They sold 3,000 of them in 17 seconds! Michael Jackson had one!

Another partial success.

(Tommy Lowe) #53

Certainly one of the more niche alternative investments… :joy:

(Lewis O'Connor) #54

How did you get to invest in tandem?


It was on Seedrs, and what feels like a long time ago.

(Jerzy Hawryluk) #56

Best: Revolut - 4x ROI
Worst: YOYOW, ETH needed to swap funds around lost 30%


So I reported Sound Energy Plc as one of my worse investments… well fingers crossed but looks like it might turn into a great investment! Their last drill showed gas and they have had a substantial recovery from a pitifully low sp.

Let’s see what this year brings.

(Jim) #58

My average is 25 but still a sore one seeing it crash down from 100…


My average is about 45p :frowning: So still down. I try not to look too often so I will turn off again for another few months.

(Jim) #60

The SOU forum on the LSE site is always lively…


No! I don’t want to get caught in the trap again of constantly checking the price and reading the ramping/deramping.

Just going to wait for the RNS’ and leave it at that :slightly_smiling_face: