BlackBerry 🍓🫐 - BB

This company develops enterprise software and internet of things solutions. It used to make smartphones.

@Freetrade_Admin can you update the description as it no longer accuratly describes the business.

As I understand a suitable description would be cyber security, protecting networks such as connected tech and EV’s.


:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Any further insight? I understand rocket emojis are very trendy at the moment but I’m sure the users of this forum would like to know more about why you are posting this? (i.e. what are the reasons you are bullish on Blackberry?).


They’ve pivoted to security well. I think there’s lack of appreciation they are in the EV space and they just agreed an expanded deal with Baidu.

I mentioned these in the stocks I like for 2021, along with SPCE. Unfortunately I temporarily sold them both to take advantage of the price increases of CCIV and now I’m having to pay double to buy back in! Zero sum trade…

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WSB are pumping BB so hard. It’s the sole reason for it’s recent share price performance. I’m going to have to trim/sell my ISPY when BB tops out.

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It jumped 20% recently because it settled a court case with facebook. But yeah the recent increase seems to be WSBs. Will buy a small amount and see where the price goes.

Out of all these meme stocks, BB is probably the best business based on fundamentals and the stock has warranted a bit of a bump.

@freetrade are you stopping us from able to buy this stock also??? I’m very close to just cashing out and closing my freetrade account, alot of f**kery going on this week

It’s not them, it’s the FX provider. Pick your enemy.

The FX provider might be preventing me buying BB but then why can I not cancel my queued order? I placed it before US market opened and now I can’t even pull out.

Agreed. I bought in recently because of the partnership announcements with Amazon and Baidu, and will buy more. Pity I couldn’t take advantage of the big dip today, but hopefully we’ll be back in business on Monday :crossed_fingers:t2:


Missed the dip :pensive:
Loads of DD on r/stocks

Is 134.1 good entry? Too high or too low? I don’t use fancy charts.

I would appreciate if some one could share their discussion points. Thanks :blush:

How low can ya go…

Oof. Still, not lost till you’ve sold. Thankful I didn’t put too much into this

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Yep, sinking lower than a very low thing.

What the hell just happened?

Definetly a good buy. Im buying more of this specially due to IVY.
They had a Webinar recently about partnership with aws and their future.

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Missed earnings, but no surprise at all.