Blockchain Foundry - BCFN

Would love to see BCFN added currently trading on

And Canadian exchange

Their revenue is $45m and cost of that revenue is $4.29bn, looks like a circa -10,000% operating margin (not even looking at the overheads).

It may have been fine for a private company with VCs’ support but as an exchange trade one, its prospects are looking very dark to me, how are they going to raise enough capital to sustain themselves if their shares have already plummeted 75% in a year? :grimacing:

Look deeper, was a rto which expanded too quickly when the overall market sector turned sour, they reduced costs drastically whilst continuing to build on their core offering.

Basically, as a person with a small amount to invest looking for potential large gain I want to buy it. Already invested in Syscoin.

Many thanks for the opinion though…

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Perhaps to see their performance in the next few quarters :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s the plan however would be nice to get some with sensible fees.