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This is tipped by a few brokers I have read about any advice on it would be welcome and I would like to see it here as well

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Some of you may have noticed that shares in Bloomsbury Publishing, the company behind Harry Potter, shot up this morning. That was because the company saw a 10% increase in H1 revenue and its best results since 2008.

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There’s a fairly big dividend coming up for Bloomsbury (~5% with the special dividend) and the price seems to be dropping. Could be interesting :eyes:

Edit: I just zoomed out. Price not dropping at all :man_facepalming:

Damn, I wished I ploughed into this when I mentioned it a few weeks back.

I’ve invested today, think this company has legs, a good long term investment.

Not financial advice just my opinion.

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Long term hold for me, which paid out a tasty dividend last month (£0.1736 per share).

Long live Harry Potter :broom: :mage:


Nice to see recent losses catch back with some good news on earnings.

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Bloomsbury book sales hit record high


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