Brazil Stocks

Just seeing if anyone out there is holding Brazil stocks. Which stocks and why?

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MSCI Brazil (ticker: IBZL) is a good one. It is an ETF made up of 51 stocks.

It has an expense ratio of 0.74% but pays a dividend of ~5% paid quarterly.

The reason I like Brazil - it is an emerging market with a large population and an increasingly strong economy. PWC predicts that the Brazilian economy will be the 5th largest in the world by 2050 and the combined Brazil & Mexico economies will be larger than Japan & Germany.

Here is a breakdown of the sectors which make up the ETF:

Type Fund
Financials 25.64
Materials 24.38
Energy 16.89
Consumer Staples 8.89
Industrials 6.30
Consumer Discretionary 5.51
Utilities 4.63
Health Care 4.51
Communication 1.91
Information Technology 0.87
Cash and/or Derivatives 0.48
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Yes,and wider Latin America. I hold BRLA and LTAM (trust and etf) with a few ADRs, currently ABEV and BBDO. I dip in and out of several Brazilian and Argentinian ADRs as they are quite volatile.

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