Petrobrasil PBR

Yet to receive the dividend that was paid out last week, 27th July. Anyone else received it?

Something is wrong with Freetrade my petrobras percentage keeps bouncing up and dow like madness. They need to get this sorted it’s annoying anybody else noticed that on yours account aswell? it’s quite annoying.

I did receive mine

What’s is wrong with my other petrobras graffic @ Freetrade it’s in a mess. Can you fix it as you have 2 petrobras and I’m investing in the other one but the graffic and percentage amount is always wrong!!!

Hi @Rose2 could you share a screenshot of your issue, please?

Yep, same here, raised complaint today, not sorted yet which is worrying as big day coming up.

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Hey @Rose2

If you could post a screenshot or something I can see if we can get it raised with the product team for you.

Looking forward to the big dividends here. $PBR is the one I’m invested in.

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Anyone had their dividend yet?

Not yet

Anyone any thoughts on whether to buy in further? Ive got a few and now down 15% over the last few days. I see there has been a major polical shift and there are even calls to ask the court to suspend the huge div payout

Tempted to, as investing is long term, politicians come and go… Liz who? Especially in Brazil.

Petrobras is the crown jewel of the Brazilian industry. The state has a big influence and they intend to curb the dividend payout. I think Brazil is set for a big economic boom with Lula but I would not get too invested in Petrobras. I think there are other companies out there that might be better. I have invested in Gerdau and CSN, two large steelmaking conglomerates.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll have a closer look at them

Anyone know when div payment date is ? Looks like ex div is still planned next week but div payment date has been removed from the tracker app i use and i cant find any info anywhere.

According to the company’s website, the dividend payments (ADR) will be 28th December and 26th January.

Click on your holding and scroll down. FT lists them there

Unfortunately not (i have noticed it is there for some stocks but not pbr or pbra