Petrobrasil PBR

I see it.

Should see:

Thats what I see I hold PBRA and even on the search facility, I looked at PBR and the divs showed at the bottom

Seems to be hit and miss to be honest… not sure if its a FT bug or somewhere else. That said, pbr.a crashed today pre market… not sure why. Hope they wont pull/resuce dividends all of a sudden. Seems to be hugely political.

It has gone ex-dividend today, so a drop in share price comparable to the value of the dividend is expected.

Payment date still shows at 28dec but i read somewhere its now unkown and somewhere else says January… is there a reliable source somewhere for div ex dates and payment dates ?

The most reliable source is always the companies own investor relations site.

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Thanks but as a newbie, that was total chinese to me. Could you give me an example for pbr and pbr.a ?

Let us Google ‘Petrobras investor relations’. It is really a good idea to do this type of research and due diligence before you buy any shares of any company.

In the case of dividends: the authoritative source is always the company itself. Its board declares the dividend. If you don’t find the information on the company website then in all likelihood it has not been formally agreed. The company will normally file this formal information with the relevant authorities where its shares are traded. Again this is for you as an investor to find out.

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Surely theres more to this sudden crash then just post ex date?

It’s important to note that a drop in share price by the value of the dividend is usually an expected event when a stock goes ex-dividend particularlyt if it is a large one like it is in this instance, as value has essentially been removed from the value of the company (and set aside to pay shareholders), so as a general rule, the company has technically decreased in value. Once the dividend has been paid, you then have that “value” of the company company back. This probably a bit of a simplistic view of it, but my understanding is that it is the case.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from looking into other factors and other things that may affect the share price - there might be after all. What’s the economic situation like? Political? These are just some of the factors that you should consider as an investor.

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Thankyou… and does this mean that usually, in normal times, the share price then creeps back up as we get nearer next ex date ? Or does the value stay as is then plunges again even further at the next ex date ?