ReneSola Ltd. (ADR) SOL

A Chinese solar project developer and operator, and also a manufacturer of solar wafers. It focuses on solar power project development, construction management and project financing services.

Anyone else holding this. I have to say I’ve some what lucked out. Several months ago I chose to get a position in solar and chose a few different solar Stocks. I can’t really remember why I chose renesola at the time but it’s gone nuclear the last month or so. Have to say I’m not entirely sure why it’s had so much success so that’s presumably I sign this will go south soon.

Seems that is must be overvalued but I’m just going to watch to see how it plays out. Anyone have any more insight on ReneSola?

When I think back I think one of the reasons was it was in the earlier days for freetrade when the stock options were much more limited and I think there was only half a dozen solar stocks.

Literally as I wrote this the stock dropped 10 percent. It s very volatile.

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I also have shares in this. I agree- it’s really volatile! Hoping to use that to my advantage though!