Brilliant Bills on Seedrs


Another one :wink:

Pitch says previously known as ‘Getonatop’ wonder if that’s ‘get-on-a-top:thinking:

Improvement on the old name but not quite nailed it yet, never had any ‘Brilliant Bills’ :smile:

Joking aside - any thoughts on this?

(Denislav) #2

I have had a look at it and mainly the video and I am not sure about it, to be honest. It more seems like an app for someone who has a lot of bills and different payments to make. It does not seem like an app for the normal Joe to me. Again, after watching the video they told me all about what they do but I am still not sure what the companies believe is.

It looks like its going to try and become a comparison website which seems like how they will earn money but who knows. Will I invest in it, at the moment no.

(Emma) #3

They seemed to be very confused by about 6 letters and envelopes in that video though

There’s a proliferation of these kinds of start ups now, didn’t see anything that made me think they’d be more successful than any other


Although none of the services are there yet, they all seem to be aiming for the next iteration of price comparison which in theory will detect if you are overpaying and notify you.

There’s a low barrier of entry. Is it me or are we seeing more banks move into this space like Barclays?

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Exactly, unfortunately I think my comments on Onedox - which were about this space being crowded of course - are these same for this lot -

(Luke Bebbington) #6

A Chairman, Business & Strategy Advisor and Head of Marketing… Seems overkill for a startup?


Brilliant Bills are now 20% raised on Seedrs. It doesn’t look very inspiring. Having to enter all the contact details of your providers e.g. telephone numbers, website etc seems like a ballache. Plus the app doesn’t really work. Just reset your password and see if you can actually login again. Seems the owner really wants to spend our money on a bells and whistles upgrade to his app. Remember that Onedox had a lot of money (£550k) and spent £50k a month of which £45k was on tech - such as an API and Google Voice -why?. They should ploughed it into customer acquisition. They didnt. Thats why they only have about 10,000 active customers with any decent number of accounts on Onedox. Brilliant Bills say they it will cost £36 per customer acquisition in YR1. Whereas Onedox CPA was more like £5. It also says it will make £9 revenue per customer in YR1.

In addition to this, it works on screen scraping, just like all the others, Wonderbill, Onedox. This will eventually be banned for utilities, its already been banned in Banking under PSD2.