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This is a digitally native jewellery retailer that sells ethically sourced diamonds and jewelry. Founded in 2005, it has headquarters in San Francisco and Denver, USA. It serves customers worldwide.

hi i don’t want to sound ignorant, haha too late for that, but really, what does a digitally native jewelry retailer mean.
Headquarters in California, not known for it’s diamond mines but bound to be ethically diverse diamonds probably just laying on the ground, scattered diversly for jewelry retailers to pick up while enjoying that first coffee of the day :joy::joy::joy:
Ethically sourced of course

See I have no idea what it means, digitally native.
Does it mean all their IT hardware is native to California, that I could believe.

Digitally native in this context just means their presence is primarily online rather than the physical world. Ecommerce rather than brick and mortar.

I don’t know about ethical sourcing, but I think they are very big on lab grown diamonds (& other gemstones) which seems like the silver bullet for ethical diamond sourcing.

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Anyone think this will bounce back ?

Brilliant Earth offers an extensive collection of stunning lab created diamonds , which have the same physical, optical, and chemical characteristics as our natural diamonds.

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