Pensana Rare Earths ⛏ 🪙 - PRE

Can these be added for trading, please?

Many thanks

Hi @Aglongy, welcome to the community forum :smiley:.

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Lets get this on Freetrade. Rare Earths and a plan to refine outside of China in the UK, theres a huge growing market for cleanly ethically refined rare earths.

Has anyone invested in this?


It’s on the app mate :wink:

title updated

If anyone wants to put together a brief explainer that would be great

Ooooooooooooh. Me likey.

Hows this for an explainer?

Pensana plc (LON:PRE) explores and mines neodymium, praseodymium, and rare earth minerals. The company is looking to establish the world’s first fully sustainable magnet metal rare earth oxide producer at the Saltend Chemicals Park in the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Yorkshire, UK.


Could you explain why the price in the app is different from the market price elsewhere ?

What are you seeing and where are you looking?

Right now the app and google finance are both telling me 57.60

Sometimes there some delays and it jumps about a bit because of the liquidity but i wouldn’t say i’ve seen anything vastly different.

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Please excuse my newbie comment. I was misguided by 57.60 on google finance and 0.57 on the app. I guess this is because of the fractional shares approach.

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Happens all the time. The amount of times i’ve read a price on some stocks and shares website and even they get it wrong.

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I know this is classed as a penny share. Wouldn’t of thought it would be so volatile with all the promising news surrounding this company.

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For the world to go green the money has to come from somewhere!

22 July 2022


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