British Citizen moving to USA SIPP Cani still keep it

What happens to my SIPP account if as a UK Resident I move to USA. Can I still keep my SIPP.
If I can keep it can I still trade with the existing funds in SIPP

You can’t close it, it will be your pension until you hit retirement age. I suggest however you take advice from a UK US accountant, as there may form filing requirements in the US if you have a SIPP in the UK as a US tax resident.

Always best to get advice before you move. On all aspects of your assets and finances pre move.


Agreed with @Ukinvestor on the advice part. When it comes to something that’s potentially complicated like UK SIPPs and living in the US you really need to get appropriate advice from a professional. Do not take pension advice from a forum.

A note on Freetrade though, I don’t believe they allow foreign residents to hold a Freetrade account (regardless if its a SIPP or not). You should ask them directly to confirm if they will still do business with you or if you will need to transfer your pension to another provider.