Buy limited to two decimal points? SOLVED

Hi Freetrade

The app was changed recently to only allow buys of up to two decimal places.

Before I could get exactly the number of shares I wanted by entering £69.8962. This is especially useful for US fractional buying.

Now it’s restricted to two e.g £0.12 but not £0.123. :frowning:

Why did Freetrade change this?

How did you manage to guess the final price to get a round share? I’ve always ended up with some sort of fraction when the transaction goes through as the price always changes a bit. TBH I haven’t tried that much to get a round share but didn’t think it was that simple with the live price changing constantly.


For most stocks, prices change multiple times every second so it would be very difficult to catch it at the exact price unless you’re trading something extremely niche. Even then it would still be difficult to get it exact.

That being said, it would be nice to have the option to own whole shares, but there is little difference either way.


they do change, and I seldom manage to be exact, by sometimes I end up with 50.00003727 shares :slight_smile:
This being better than 50.85 for, which accepts whole shares.


Ah cool :+1: When you said “exactly the number of shares I wanted” I thought maybe I was doing it wrong and you could get whole numbers :stuck_out_tongue: Would be good to have the option of whole shares as I am sure many have an OCD when it comes to share volumes, I know I wish mine were whole.

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ha ha yes sometimes I want to round these up. But I am very pleased we have fractional shares because we can dispose of space change easily.

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I don’t think this is a new thing… US stocks have always been to two dp. UK stocks are either 2dp or 4dp depending on the price

Buying x number of shares has also been discussed, limit buys are the easiest way around this at the moment but this requires the plus subscription


Think you are right, because I just read the Activity log and saw no buys with > 2dp.

I think I got this mixed up with a fractional share sale I used to reduce a holding (that I wanted to take profit from) to a rounder # of shares.

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