Can you buy by number of shares?

I’d like to be able to do this with limit and triggered buying and selling. Wondering if I’m missing something?

I was a beta tester when FT rolled out fractional shares and wasn’t a fan, but over time I’ve understood their vision and now don’t think twice about the number of shares.

Fractional shares are currently only available on US stock but FT will roll this out to other markets in time.


I don’t have an issue with fractional shares but yesterday I sold high to release some profit and I’d like to restore my position with the same number of shares when the price of the stock in question drops.

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That is tricky to do. In the long run if you’re going to use FT you’re probably better off switching your metics around and focus on the £invested rather than the shares held.

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Yeah, I guess you’re probably right!

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