Caracal Gold Plc - GCAT - Share chat

Very undervalued Gold company in Africa. Small market cap, currently producing and has recently gained vast amounts of interest in the Junior exploration Sector

Yes, watching this one closely. Lots of great potential and wouldn’t want to miss out. Would be great to add please FT!

Up 80% in a month

Can freetrade staff please look into this ? It’s flying and there’s are so many bad performing exploration stocks on your platform ?

I’ve taken £10k out to move to IG. Would love to bring it back, and more if you put this on your list.

This company was established to acquire and develop under-exploited gold mining opportunities in East Africa.

Another vote to get this one on FT asap please

Hi @Jules2, this stock is now live on the app! :slight_smile:

Amazing, Thanks Alex. Message to oneself, "In future…

Now live on Freetrade :slight_smile: one for the future this