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Gold exploration company with a footprint in Canada and Australia

We’re looking into the liquidity of this stock, James.

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Correct me if i’m wrong, but every AIM stock has market makers right, and other premium brokers manage to offer the whole market of securities to their clients. If freetrade doesn’t it would either drive people to other brokers or irritate them if they miss out on something they wanted to buy.

I think you mean nominated advisers. We are working with them to get everything on the app.

Meanwhile, this stock is gaining liquidity fast. James, you have my word we’ll add it as soon as it reaches the bare minimum.

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Out of interest what would you call the bare minimum Victor?

At least a couple of dozen trades per day.

We’ve reviewed it - we’ll add this imminently, @James101. :wink:



Panther Metals Ltd listed on ASX last night. PALM own 36.6% of the Australian entity.

Well this one has been underwhelming at best.