[Request πŸ‘‹] Critical Metals (CRTM)

On the LSE. Would love to get it added ASAP :slight_smile:

See the pinned thread in the main forum for the new process. This request system is now essentially defunct, as the Freetrade team wishes to do things via the form linked in that thread.

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Only on T212 right now


Critical Metals Plc is an investment vehicle formed to identify and acquire brownfield mining opportunities in the strategic metals sector as defined by the United States and European Union.

Given the popularity of Pineapple Power (4th most traded stock on the app last week?), I think this would be another great cash shell addition to FT @Viktor @sampoullain

Fair warning: CRTM is using the same marketing company as PNPL. Pineapple Power Corporation (PNPL) 🍍 - #92 by Sentinelgre


I’m directly quoted on another thread :sunglasses::upside_down_face:

However for full disclosure and because the automated link to my other post reads kinda funny, I want to assure anyone that scrolls through this that I do not own and neither is PNPL an official β€œby @Sentinelgre” product :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though grateful to you @Ardrich87 for highlighting these connections man, appreciated!


Would be great to see this added