New Stocks request/ideas

Morning all at Freetrade.

Just going to put a few ideas/requests for new stocks here:

Gfinity (GFIN) - eSports events.

Bidstack (BIDS) - Computer game advertising.

WEY Education (WEY) - Home school online.

Argo Blockchain (ARB) - Bitcoin mining (exposure to bitcoin as a hedge)

Polarean Imaging (POLX) - Drug and Device combination (positive Phase 3 results, awaiting new drug approval)

Premier African Minerals (PREM) - Mining, huuuuge punt… but if it comes good… crikey.

Powerhouse Energy (PHE) - Turning non-recyclable plastic into electricity, hopefully.

Ncondezi Energy (NCCL) - Joint venture with giants General Electric and China Machinery Engineering Corporation for a 300MWH power plant in Mozambique

That’ll do, for now…

Hey freetrader,
Consider adding your suggestions in the megathread, will potentially get you more eyeballs :slight_smile:

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It would be better to split them up and add one by one. They are looking at the likes on each suggestion to gauge how many people want what. I have already added Gfinity as a suggestion. I added a bunch like you a few weeks ago but then realised Freetrade wouldn’t know what individual stock people were voting for when they pressed like.

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Okay, Thanks guys

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