Charge comparisons of Freetrade vs Robo Investors?

(Henry) #1

I may have missed it if this already exist - it might be worth building some comparison models of Freetrade ISA vs some of the more popular Robo investing services like Nutmeg, Wealthify etc. A number of those who’ve mentioned Freetrade to me have limited investment experience and are also considering Robo investment as either an alternative or in parallel with using Freetrade.

(Kenny Grant) #2

I think this would make a good blog post or even something for the home page of as it is so important - a sort of price calculator for new investors: charges per year for an ISA with different amounts in it and total growth over 20 years say with even contributions of 10k a year. Freetrade would come out very well out of this comparison as the amounts got higher. For me the low flat fees on freetrade ISA and no holding fees are far more important than the free trading.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

This is a cool idea, we’ve already discussed how much investors could potentially save by using Freetrade, rather than a robo-investor here -

What if one switched from a robo-advisor to Freetrade? 🤖 -> :freetrade:

I guess the challenge would be doing a true like-for-like comparison, as we may not have all of the securities that a robot-advisor offers users in our Stock Universe & some rebalance their portfolios / adjust them for risk etc. It’s definitely worth exploring though!

(Henry) #4

Yeah exactly - some kind of calculator allowing selection of initial investment plus and recurring investment over time would be really helpful for many I’m sure. I guess it would add hugely to the transparency of Freetrade fee’s - here’s how we honestly stack up against popular alternatives…