Freetrade: Investment Fees Calculator

Hi freetrade team.

Just seen the tweet about the freetrade pricing calculator which seems great and well made.

Haven’t seen a topic on it anywhere so far, so creating this one for others to be aware of the link below.

One thing I would say, is possibly it would be good to default to the GIA comparison. It was auto set to Plus on mine and also 5k which I just went with and for those just having a quick glance i think that’s what others would do to.

It actually came up as ii was cheaper and over the defaulted time horizon gave me the impression of comparatively high costs for a £5k investment.

Was interested in others thoughts too.


Thanks, @Wulfy, you beat me to it!

Hope you all find the calculator useful.

It comes courtesy of great work to build it by @Catrinel and @amysotheran.

Thanks for the feedback above, and everyone else, please do share any feedback or thoughts you have for us on it.

Read more about it here:


Sorry :pray:

Fortunate timing of looking at twitter :wink:

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Can you please put a date on thé table with costs? The pricing is subject to change


Good idea, we’ll see if we can do that. We do state in the footer that pricing is accurate as at 20 October, however, I can see that it would be useful inside the results table, too.

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Just to let you know that I’m getting a 404 error when trying to use the calculator

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