Chinese Options

I’m slightly confused about China and the options listed as despite there being big name companies such as Tencent and Xiaomi, there aren’t many options listed for the Chinese market in-app (not including emerging market options)

  1. Do Chinese Companies have to be listed outside of mainland China in order to receive investments? (Thinking about China’s protectionist policy)

  2. Does the US-China trade war play any part in what options can be listed?

The only Chinese companies you’ll find on Freetrade at the minute are ones which are listed, or dual-listed, in New York or London. Many of these bigger firms like Alibaba and are only listed on either the NYSE or Nasdaq.

But in general, I think it’s quite difficult to buy shares in companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange if you’re not Chinese. You’d want a Chinese company to be listed in Hong Kong to be able to invest in them.


Ah less complicated than I thought :blush:

So just be clear, as an example I could request that Tencent be listed as its on the NYSE and SEHK, but I cannot request Bitmain as its only on the Chinese Stock Exchange?