Claim your R7 forum investor badge

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

To those of you who took part in our crowdfunding at the end of last year, thank you!

Did you know we now have over 17,500 crowdfunding investors? :exploding_head: Every one of you is part of the Freetrade community.

So we can add your forum investor badges, please share your forum username and email address registered with Crowdcube on the form below. We will then add your badge.

All information gathered on the forum is confidential and will not be shared externally.

Thank you :pray:t4:


…still waiting for my R5 badge :wink: :pray:

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Waiting for R6

Done :sparkles:


Done :sparkles:


Any update on the investor perks?

Still waiting to get my hoodie in the Netherlands :frowning:

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Thank you for filling out the form. To those who have invested in previous rounds and would like to replace their existing badge with an R7 one, please can you provide your crowdcube email address and forum username in the last (newly added) question, so we can identify you appropriately.

A reminder to others who have invested and are still to fill in the form, please do so as we will be issuing the forum badges shortly!

Many thanks :pray:t4:


Just joined the forums but invested back in R3 is it possible to get that badge added to my profile please?
I did request group access to it on here already but now see the β€œowner” of the group is a suspended account…

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Hi Chris,

That’s been done for you, your badge has now been applied to your profile.

Welcome to the forum!



I invested in July 2020, not sure if that is R5 or R6? Would it be possible to get the badge for that round?

Hey @SimonB1, R6 badge has been applied! :star:


I invested a few years ago, R4

Can I have my R7 badge please?


Thanks Sam

Very prompt response :grinning:

Me too please :slight_smile:

Hi @Sims

if you check your crowdcube account you can find the details there

Do I have to ask in here after I fill the forum in? I filled it out a few weeks ago.

Missing my R6 badge