Community Meetup: Crowdfunding special, Tuesday 13th September 2022, live in London + on Zoom. POST YOUR QUESTIONS HERE

Was this recorded/is there a link to watch for those that couldn’t make it?

Highlights, from memory.

  • Sweden to go fully live fairly soon with Ireland to follow.
  • A English language pan European app will be ready to start rolling out across multiple countries. @PleaseLaunchInPoland I pushed Adam and he said later this year … hopefully
  • Viktor cautioned against an LSE IPO, ‘we need to make sure they give us good terms’ maybe a NASDAQ listing?
  • Viktor is operating as CTO currently, they have interviewed a fair few people but have not found someone with the right skills and culture fit.
  • Budapest office is to support a European tech team. Viktor was looking into the benefits of the open ring an office in a few and then met a high-quality Hungarian-based engineering lead who made the decision
  • Currently, they have a cash runway into 2024, and any excess money raised after the CLN today extends this further.
  • Crypto is being worked on but might launch in other markets first, they’ve waited for a license from the FCA. Once they have this it’ll go live reasonably quickly
  • LISA is coming! Just after JISA (due to complexity) and in good news, they won’t mess up the nice subscription plans.
  • Complex investments are coming back, they’re working on something I’ve forgotten the name of but this will enable them to add more investments.

Just one point from me, @NeilB , you did a cracking job last night, congratulations.


Australian Engineering team done with crypto as far as they can but still waiting for appropriate UK licence (not alone in this) . not launch ready yet.

Team now working on Tax Certs, stock info (eg RNS and Dividends) not do major analytical tools on the app

Free trade biggest benefit seen (by customers) as clear and simple and want to keep that


I’m so paranoid as to fork out for the crowd fund or not as it seems I lost out big already on R7 Ahhhh eeeee ahhhhhh

Feels like we need to merge this topic with the main R8 topic?

Was there any mention of the tax on SIPP being sorted or the 5% fee for R7 that has never been clearly explained?

Neither at the meeting. But @acamp has made a couple of relevant comments/clarifications r.e. 5% see Crowdfunding round eight, Wed 14 Sep 2022 🎈 - #79 by acamp

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Annual Tax Certificate - when can we expect this?

Sorry if already covered



Yeah I saw that, but it only muddied it a bit more as that seems definitive that R7 is a charge carry unless we find a private buyer or after IPO. We were led to believe originally there were no restrictions which is obviously not the case.

TBH it would of just been better if FT said sorry we were misleading in a social media comment and there is a charge unless X or Y is done.

Single paragraphs are a poor explanation from a company on how investors should/can avoid a potentially big charge they bought in at believing it did not exist.

As I mentioned before surely they could do a blog post or something with details for us to understand our options.

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And also the communication from Crowdcube implied that any exit = 5% and at the same time Freetrade did say that they would help “If Crowdcube is involved in a transaction in the future, Freetrade will assist Crowdcube in collecting the carry that they are owed in line with their terms and conditions”.

Team are working on now and should be one of next few product to ship.

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I would still like to get specifics if that’s ok, but thanks for the update that’s good to know


James didn’t share anything specific yesterday at the AMA or with me off mic. They’re building it now and I would expect it to have shipped long before the filing deadline.

Keep you eyes peels as there will be a nice thread posting explaining how it’ll work. I got the impression it won’t be long.

Thank you!
Although they seem to be as accurate as Elon Musk with Full Self Driving, it’s still good to hear.
Later this year means about 100 days… hopefully :smiley:

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No dates announced. But what you can already have a peek of what is on the cards: Download/export Activity feed to CSV - #6.


Amazing :+1:


Yeah there is a bunch of things that will be coming over the next few weeks/months - iteratively. So that is great!


Thanks to everyone who came along and joined the Zoom last night, it was great to see so many familiar and new faces!

And a huge, extra special thank you to @NeilB for doing a sterling job as moderator on the panel discussion. Who would’ve thought you could even slip a mention of the ‘hooves of doom’ on there :upside_down_face:

For those who couldn’t make it:

  • If you are a previous investor, you now have access to the pitch, and you can request access to the pitch deck. We shared a couple of sneak peeks from the deck last night.
  • There will be some emails going out to subscribers over the next few days/weeks. These emails will, for example, go into more detail on two of the big topics we shared last night: European expansion and Product development. Get emails here!
  • We will do our best to get some version or other of the recording live as soon as we can.

Watch the video here.

I’m going to close this topic now so all current discussion around Freetrade can be focused on the crowdfunding topic:

Important: Investing in startups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Always remember to look at the risk warning on Crowdcube’s website before investing. Make sure you do your own research on what investments are right for you before investing.