Community Meetup: Crowdfunding special, Tuesday 13th September 2022, live in London + on Zoom. POST YOUR QUESTIONS HERE

Hi everyone :wave:

UPDATE: tickets for the physical event sold out quickly. But we’ll share the link to the Zoom call here shortly before 7 PM on Tue 13 Sep so you can still join us. See you there!

It’s been a while since the last meetup.

This Tuesday 13th September, we’ll be opening the doors to our London office for a special edition community meetup ahead of round eight going live on 14 September.

There will be a small number of free tickets available for the in-person event, and we’ll also broadcast the event live on Zoom for everyone else (no need to sign up on Eventbrite for the Zoom part, we’ll share the link on this thread ahead just before 7 PM when the presentation starts).

The Forum’s very own @neilb will be making a guest appearance, hosting the event and putting your questions to the Freetrade team.

Attendees in person may even get a special gift :gift:

Register for the event here:

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Drop your questions below and we’ll answer some of the most popular ones on the night :point_down:

Startup investing carries significant risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. You can read more about the risks on the Crowdcube website.


Is the title wrong?

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I’ve said this before wish I lived closer to London. (Maybe I should move).


Updated that now!


:eagle::eyes: thanks @Big-g !! :pray:t4:


My question would be, is there plans to sort out the tax rebate potential for the remaining 15% on US stocks for SIPPs?


My question(s) relate to what is happening with dividend payments? They are now taking longer than ever (I currently have 5 waiting at least 7 days to be received) but are being paid by competitors such as Trading212 within 2 days.

Why is it now taking so much longer as it doesn’t appear to be an issue of the dividends being issued by the companies.

What is being done to implement a smoother and more efficient payout service?


Thanks for the advance notice. :roll_eyes:

Same question as last year…

Adam did reply last time and say they wouldn’t get them in time for 21/22 as the Swedish ISK was a priority and I think he’s delivered that now. Please save me from my AJ Hell.


Tickets are now sold out.

But we’ll stream it live, so stay tuned here for the Zoom link just before 7 PM on the night.


Your HQ and registered address is a WeWork office ^^ :slight_smile: Keeping it light, eh.

Yep they have 2 floors of the building. Flexible workspace is very useful for early stage companies

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Sad I was too slow for tickets

Keep an eye out on here, last time there were a few returns.

Would be great if we could all submit questions and vote on them before the event

So we don’t spend valuable time about listening/talking on important but less urgent topics as diversity, iOS widget, r7 badges or stuff like that just to illustrate


Please do, I’ll make sure we get the best questions to the panel. We’ll use :heart: To see the most popular. Ask away!


Whats the recent delay in dividends this wasn’t a issue few months ago has something happened internally for the delay to happen?


Links in with my question above if you wouldn’t mind liking it too - the more likes the more likely to appear and hopefully get answered:


Hi @Schkempo, regarding dividend payment times.

We’re aware of a delay with some payouts recently, which we sincerely apologise for. On the whole, this isn’t reflective of the service we have and aim to offer in future and we are investigating ways to minimise/eradicate delays again in future.

Thanks for your patience again. If you do want to follow up with the team, drop us an email: