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I would be incredibly disappointed, as would our new investors, if this didn’t happen in 2021.


Thanks for popping on Adam. Will LISAs appear in the current tax year or should I stick with topping up my :heart_eyes: AJ Bell :heart_eyes: LISA for now?

Edit - Oops I meant :poop: :poop: not :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Could you give us an expected month (or two) for first European launch?


Would you kindly be able to send a copy to me? I’m not asking for trade secrets…just a document that I should be able to see. Thanks!


How is the hiring going? What is expected team size by end of year ?

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We aren’t working actively on it right now, but plan to add all the ISA account types as soon as we can, including whatever Rishi invents next. I would not promise a LISA before the end of the year though. A more important priority right now is getting an ISK up for launch in Sweden, for example.


We’re aiming to get it out earlier, but there is a good argument to launch in the EU along with our next crowdfunding in September. You’ll see EU stocks for UK customers first, not that far away.


That’s great to hear crypto is targeted for 2021 :raised_hands:

How do you think Freetrade compares to other zero-commission EU brokers?


Thanks Adam I did wonder if that was the target. Good luck! :+1:

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I haven’t burned a CD since the 90s


Thank you so much for addressing this! You’ve no idea how much I appreciate it. Thank you to you and the team for helping me get my first steps on the capitalism ladder.

I had nothing before you guys launched. I’ll look forward to the ISA variants in another tax year rather than this one. Keep being awesome guys.


It’s going nuts. We have c 80 open roles on our careers page and are hiring in four countries. Rocket ship style. :rocket:

I wish we had 1,000 engineers right now.


Thanks @adam for being here answering things! Considering this:

After Sweden, full launching of the 4 countries of the so called “first wave” (Netherlands, Deutchland, France, Ireland), will be in 2022 or it is possible to be also in 2021?

Thanks again!

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Can you give a simple explanation to ease the GME owners that are panicking about the 25k issue? It’s a subject that gets far too much negativity and even a simple “the limit will stay for at least X months” or something will at least then put it on the backburner :+1:

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When will you stop publishing misleading company data and using third parties as an excuse?

My expectation is that we are in every eurozone and nordic country before end of year. Fun one, we’ll even be in Norway!


I’m sure the CEO of a fintech could email a PDF? :wink:


Are there plans to allow customers to migrate their holdings to a different country? (assuming FT is there).

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Garbage in garbage out

I look forward to the day where we have scaled to the point that our internal trade data is more reliable than the 3rd party providers.

Until then, we try and be completely transparent about the source and timing of data we display in the app. We’re working hard right now on making that even better, in your app very soon.


When can we have a community BBQ