🌳 Spring Meetup - Freetrade HQ, London

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen you all, so we wanted to host a meet up with Adam, Viktor, and some other special guests at Freetrade’s offices in London. You’ll have the chance to ask some questions and meet a few of the newer members of the leadership team too.

The event will be hosted at 10 Devonshire Square, London, on 3 April 2023, starting at 6:00pm.

We’ll kick things off with some beer and pizza.

If you’re thinking of coming or have any questions for the team, drop a comment on the thread below :point_down: We’ll do our best to answer them, along with any questions from the crowd, on the night of.

The event is free but you need to register to attend. Please sign up here: Freetrade community meetup: Spring 2023 Tickets, Mon 3 Apr 2023 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

For those that can’t make it on the day, we’ll be posting a link to the live stream on this thread on the day.



I would love to know which country will be next to offer Freetrade to it’s citizens and will the roll out to each country offer that countries pensions ie;ISA-UK ISK-Sweden etc;


Will you be live streaming the event for those of us that can’t attend in person?


Sadly I have work so wouldn’t be able to go to London.

Hope we can get an after action report on what’s discussed :smile:

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We certainly will be - I’ve updated the post to highlight that!

Link :link: to follow on the day.



Great that Freetrade is engaging with the community again. Getting to London for me is just a little to far but looking foward to joining via the link.


Update on financials and the route (including expected timeframes) for profitability. Exit opportunities for investors?


Tickets are now sold out - as usual, we will ask people to let us know of cancellations next week and reissue tickets accordingly.


I’ll post again once we’ve got more tickets for reservation!

Let’s get some more questions going! :point_down:


How many active customers are there in Sweden and what marketing/advertising/sponsorship is taking place,any plans to do some stadium advertising


Has there been negotiations for a sale of Freetrade? If so, can details be shared? This may dispel any rumours.

If there are no plans for a sale, what is the plan for IPO. I know previously discussions have taken place with proposals of 2023/24. This seems unrealistic given the current climate.

How are we going to get to profitability?


People have already asked some money related questions so I have these questions

  • Given Freetrade look to be positioning as a competitor to more mainstream brokers like HL and ii, where does Freetrade think they sit in terms of this competition and what are you looking to improve to better compete? i.e. target market, costs, services available

  • HL and ii both offer savings accounts using partners, funds (is there money to make there?), and HL for example is banking on expanding its financial advice services to expand their revenue streams beyond just stock market investments. Are you looking at other traditional revenue streams like these? (not including crypto, please don’t go there, everyone thinks its bad :sweat_smile: )

  • Some competitors like 212 are -for various reasons- able to offer services at extremely low cost which is often all that a lot of people look at. What specifically puts Freetrade in a better position as a broker that customers should consider? be it technical differences, service advantages, or anything else people should consider when picking a broker

  • Have you seen any interesting trends in investing on Freetrade over the unpredictable times in the recent couple of years?


I’d like to hear confirmation that this is no longer in Freetrade’s pipeline :sweat_smile:


I think a general update on where freetrade us at money and financials wise would be good.


Can Freetrade share their rationale for the upcoming price changes and why this is being brought in given the previous price change only occured six months ago?


Executed well*, I’d still like to see crypto. Eventually appetite will return and users will be demanding it again.

*Keep it to only the largest tokens, no staking, make users declare they are aware of the risks etc.

  • CMC Invest seem to be one of the closest comparable platforms to Freetrade. They’re early days but offer a similar fee structure and are pulling together some similar features and features to stand apart from Freetrade. How is Freetrade looking to compete in the near future with someone like CMC?
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Here are my questions:

  • What is a realistic timeline for the Europe roll-out of the app?

  • Is crypto offering still on the roadmap?

  • Current financial situation: when expected to be profitable? Potential exit strategies for investors?

  • What makes Freetrade still unique/attractive against competitors given the recent price increase (which is not official yet) ?

  • Fractional UK/EU stocks?


And the myriad of other new platforms/brokers which are now available. How is Freetrade going to stay fresh and relevant?

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