Freetrade London Meetup?


Is anyone interested in meeting up in London - Talk investing, advice, tips and :beers: ?

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(Zain) #2

I’ll be moving to London in June, I’d love something like that. A casual pub meetup in the evening would be ace :smile:

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(Vladimir) #3

Guys that’s brilliant idea I can always pop in from Woking :slight_smile:

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(Andy Freeburn) #4

Should turn this into an idea thread and see how many votes it gets… But i think it’s a great idea… Could use meet up as its already established…

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(Andy Freeburn) #5

P. S… I suggest the name… ‘Freetrade Friendly’

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I would also be keen to get something similar lined up for those in the North of England!


Well up for that. I live in Derbyshire but am in London every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Perhaps do it after working hours mid-week, most people will be already in central London then and may not have prior engagements.

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(Andy Freeburn) #8

Any day other than a Tuesday for me would be great!

(Elliott Shreeves) #9

I’d be happy for a meet up for a beer any time after work!

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(Stewart ) #10

After work drinks sounds good to me

(Andy Freeburn) #11

Id suggest maybe one or two more casual ‘get to know you’ type meet up’s first but maybe then make some of them more specific to a theme or topic ie: basics for beginners, tips for diversification, stock research tips etc…


Cool ! - we could pick somewhere central and meet after work 2019-05-22T23:00:00Z – tentatively first date? The first “Freetrade friendly” ?

Also from that crowd cube pitch video the freetrade offices looked pretty cool… maybe they could host something? :thinking: @alex.s ?

(Alex Sherwood) #13

Why not start with a pub / bar & see how many people come, if the place ends up being packed out then I can find somewhere more suitable :slight_smile:

If it’s this week then you’ll avoid clashing with the next community meet up (date tbc) but it might be worth doing a poll to let everyone vote for the date that’s best for them & maybe another for the location?

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(Andy Freeburn) #14

Typical - if you go for the 23rd - I cant do that as i’m working from Belgium 22nd - 24th lol!

(Damian O'Toole) #15

This is a great idea. I have actually been chatting with Alex about this.

I’m more than happy to help you organise it.

I was thinking of something like it am going to be at this pub at this time anyone is more than welcome to pop in have a beer and talk about investing, markets and of course Freetrade.

(Daniel) #16

I would be up for a meet. :grin:

(Chris L) #17

I’d be up for this as well…


Not sure if anyone has made a suggestion? The sun will be/might be out next week :slight_smile:

(Martin) #19

Sounds like a good idea. Think I would join.


that’s a great idea !I’ll be there as well