Community Meetup - January 30th 👋

In a couple of weeks we’ll have our first community meetup irl, near to our office in London. I’m hoping a lot of people here can make it :smile:

Get your ticket here :point_down:


This is a great idea! What is the capacity?

There’s room for at least 50 people but there’s more tickets available, in case people who register can’t make it on the day.

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The launch party was good fun, unfortunately I’m already busy that night :frowning:

Hopefully you’ll have more in the future? :slight_smile:

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We definitely will! [spoiler][/spoiler]

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Signed up! :sunglasses:

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What will happen at the meetup? Is it a 2 hour talk?

1 hour 45 minutes and then Adam just stands at the front throwing pizza to everyone. You get a free instant trade if you catch it with your mouth.


We’ll keep it simple @jani will do a 10-15 minute talk about our plans for the year, you’ll have a chance to ask questions & then you’ll be free to head off or stick around & chat with other users & the team.

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Aw, it’s things like this that make me miss living in London!

Can I ask that you share the slides after? please :blush:


Unfortunately I can’t attend! :sob: Will someone do a blog post or a write up about the event, the product roadmap, question and answers, please? :pray:t3:


We’ll share the slides & the roadmap soon afterwards :memo:


Will there be food/snacks or best we have dinner beforehand?

That’s TBC - I’ll let you know!

I think the legend that is the 88 year old customer should be the guest of honour :clap:


There will be food, I’ve just ordered Pizzas from Voodoo Ray’s & a few vegan options from Leon, which’ll be delivered at about 6.30 :drooling_face:


Nice one! Unfortunately i wont be able to make it anymore :(. Hopefully there will be another meetup next month. Enjoy guys!

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Hope all have a great time and lots of interesting discussions. Grateful to see a copy of the roadmap from the presentation and ratings from people attending on how great the pizza was that I’ve missed out on :pizza: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was nice to meet some of the Freetraders & thanks for the Pizza and drinks.


What does the roadmap look like? :heart_eyes:

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