What would you like us to share at our next community event?

Jani gave an awesome talk, revealing our product roadmap for this year at last month’s community meetup.

If there’s a topic that you’d like us to cover at one of our next events, this is your chance to ask :grinning: It could be something related to the app / service again or maybe something about the way that we work. If there’s anything else you can think of, feel free to ask!

And even if you can’t come to these events, we’ll start recording the talks at some point..


Are there any immediate plans to take the events on the road, and visit places like Leeds and Manchester?


Yes we are :smile:

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Not yet but once we have a bigger userbase I’m sure we will :minibus:

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We’re not ready to share this yet but we’ll announce that in the blog post & here, as soon as we are.


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London is perfect for me but I definitely think that this would be a great opportunity in the future. :freetrade:


If I could attend I’d be interested in

  • Growth. How things have gone so far and plans and expectations and Freetrade’s plans to scale to match that. Much graph potential. Maybe even a pie chart :crossed_fingers:
  • How new stocks to be added is decided and the process
  • Regulatory stuff. I know AML and KYC is a long shot but worth a try :grin:

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Just throwing some stuff out there, maybe some should go to the ideas category but worthsharing my thoughts

  • Potential impact of Brexit (in the event of a no-deal) in accesses Global Stock Markets
  • What other future pilot schemes the community can participate in (maybe even timelines if possible), especially late comers like me who just head about freetrade! :slight_smile:
  • Thoughts on trying to keep the FX spot rates are low as possible (any future plans)
  • Is the current FT platform fit for Robo-Advisors integration?
  • Maybe an updated analytics of the demographics of who are currently using FT
    • and some sort of analysis on what they’re purchaing on FT; shares, etf, investment trusts etc.
  • Maybe some analysis on dormant FT users
    • And what plans does FT have to encourage or assist users to start executing / trading and potential reasons why they open but haven’t done anything

Definitely growth plans :+1:

Any ideas around partnering with any of the fintechs? Displaying Freetrade portfolio in Monzo be :heart_eyes:


Brexit, Growth & Crowdfunding

Sidenote: Any change of at least geting a date for the crowdfunding round, I need to know how long I’ve got to save! :money_with_wings::freetrade:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Not yet I’m afraid, we’ll keep you updated!

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I wouldn’t mind seeing something ideas you’ve abandoned.

Something that sounded really good in theory but in practice was actually pointless etc.