Community Meetup - 8 PM Wed 24th Feb 2021, live on Zoom

Hi all

They say it’s the ‘difficult second album’, but we wanted to prove that wrong by announcing our second community meetup of the year before we’ve even held the first one.

ICYMI, the first one is tonight:

Join us on Zoom for a full-scale, Freetrade style community meetup with @adam, @Viktor and others taking your questions and sharing a little more about what’s coming up in 2021.

As usual, we’ll share the Zoom link here just before 8 PM on Wed 24th Feb.

Can’t wait to see you all on the call!

And do join our Clubhouse tonight at 6 PM, too. Like any live broadcast, you’ll never get the same thing twice.

Ask your questions below, and we’ll prioritise the most-liked.

*may feature brand new intro music

Update, April 2021: Here’s the video of the meetup, in case you missed it!


When will you announce the Series B?
Why are you launching in Australia before Europe?
When will Europe launch?
Do you plan long term in launching in the US?
When is the next crowdfunding raise planned to start?
When do you plan on launching crypto?


How is the Auto Investing development progressing? Can we have a broad ETA, Q2 or Q3?


I wonder what @Viktor has been watching on Netflix reccently? :laughing:


European expansion:

  • Is “Freetrade Loves Europe Ltd” the company that is seeking a European licence? Is it from the Central Bank of Ireland? How is it progressing?
  • What licence are you using to launch your French beta?

New funding rounds:

  • Why the delay in series B? Are there any new VCs keen to invest? Are there any pre-agreed targets you still haven’t met?
  • What’s the valuation/user multiple that you’re targeting?

User base:

  • What’s the percentage of active users? Average holdings?
  • How are your user demographics evolving over time?


  • When are near real-time pricing and additional stats coming to the app?


  • What does 457 mean to you? :smiley:
  • Where is my swag? :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Your CX team were clearly overwhelmed by the recent surge of traffic. What are you doing to prepare for the next time this happens? How can you rapidly scale on-boarding and response times?
  2. Many roles on your careers page have been open for months. Why is hiring so slow?
  3. For a company that espouses transparency, why aren’t you more open with your shareholders about business performance instead of us having to read tea leaves through media coverage? Could you please commit to at least quarterly shareholder updates with actual data points?
  4. Some media reported that Robinhood engaged directly with Google to have hundreds of thousands of 1-star ratings removed from their app store listing. Have you considered doing the same to rehabilitate your rankings?
  5. When you launch in your first EU market, which exchanges will you include stocks from?
  6. How will you manage wallets once you are live in UK/EU/AUS+++? Will customers be able to maintain balances in multiple currency wallets in order to reduce diminishment of returns through FX fees?
  7. You are generating positive PR about an impending Australian launch, but don’t have an Australian waiting list page live yet (unlike Sweden, Ireland, etc.). Is this just a miss, or intentional?
  8. Flaming Hot Nacho Doritos, or Cheesy?
  9. Who would win in a wrestling match between Viktor and Adam?
  10. Timing on JISAs? I have 2 accounts waiting to be transferred!
  11. With the gambling industry moving away from shirt sponsorships in football, have you considered a front-of-shirt sponsorship of a Premier League or Championship club?
  1. Why do stocks take so long to be added? (not talking IPOs but rather those which have been suggested long ago and within the last month in the new request form)
  2. ETA for fractional UK ETFs/shares?
  3. Probably early (?) to talk about release date of crypto features, but can FT shed some light about how their are thinking about their offering/features in this space?
  4. How’s the data export testing coming along?
  5. What is the most efficient way for forum regulars to help when the team is overwhelmed?
  6. Why didn’t I invest more in the last crowdfunding round? :man_facepalming:

Update on Nationality Declaration related stocks


Higher google pay limit. As it’s a lot quicker or instant bank payments.

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Would appreciate any thoughts on turning the community threads on stocks into more of a feature like has done?


Can you give an update on the development of UK fractional shares/ETFs? Any timescale on the rollout of this feature and any auto-invest feature?


I was going to ask about 457 but… @sampoullain ruined it for me lol.

Although hopefully this has given the idea for community engagement on cryptic messages (so long as we don’t have to wait more than a month) which we tbf seemed to absolutely latch on to.

I’ll be at the ama.


How far is auto pilot?
When are we getting the road map?
Are we getting any major feature updates in the first half or quarter?
With all new customers are you hiring more developers so you can add features quicker and catch up with the competition
Any update with JISA


I would be good to have a way of displaying the percentage that each holding represents


Why have you chosen to start international expansion before having a more full featured UK product?


Hopefully expansion will help speed up other markets availability to UK users. What other features would you be thinking of ethan?


Can’t they do both?


Please please give an update on LISAs or least put me out of my misery. I have one with another provider (rhymes with A Jay Belle) and it would be good to know what to do with it for the next tax year.


Will this Zoom meeting be recorded and uploaded somewhere just in case members can’t make it?? :movie_camera: