PrimaryBid: Connects Investors with Public Companies

I asked a question on this for tomorrow Ama, im hoping they might touch on it Freetrade AMA on Clubhouse, Wed 17th Feb, 6 PM - #56 by Eden

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thanks - would be nice if they did, I attended the last one on zoom and to be fair they answered a challenging question that I asked so fingers crossed

Does Anyone know when Freetrade will integrate with primarybid?

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Primary Bid is doing IPOs now? I haven’t checked the website for a while, but all three raises look like IPOs.

Yeah they’ve done a number of them. UK only from what I’ve seen, but interesting

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That would be a good question for next Wednesday’s meeting :slight_smile:

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Has anyone had success integrating their freetrade GIA with primarybid please?

It’s not showing up on the list and the other option is not there!

No freetrade previously didn’t want to link up with PB but as they’ve said above, it’s worth asking if its on the cards in future.

Does Primary Bid only do UK shares? I assume that’s all they do.

Any chance of this? Would be great

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Freetrade don’t currently allow it unfortunately. I asked customer service previously.

Hi FT… please can you work with PrimaryBid to get it linked up with FT?

Make it a Plus feature perhaps.


I’ve had two invitations to buy into IPOs via PrimaryBid in the last few weeks - one for PensionBee and another for Deliveroo. While I can’t see me investing in Deliveroo - it’s haemorrhaging VC funding - I probably would put some into PensionBee. If PrimaryBid is going to be more commonly used as a way for “app-based” companies to move to public status, I’d like to have access to it.


Same here :+1:I’ll definitely be investing in PensionBee but will give Deileroo a miss for the reasons you mentioned. Also, I think with all the newly empty shops there could be a glut of new food outlets giving cheap dining options. This may reduce the delivery preference long term.

+1 it seems strange FT is not on the list


If you don’t select any broker then it’ll be held with Equiniti, where it’s £5 to make a trade or £5 to transfer out at a later date. So you could transfer it to Freetrade at a later date


I’m also interested in investing in PensionBee. What are peoples suggestions for the cheapest GIA of the ones currently listed on PrimaryBid. The best i’ve seen so far is iWeb which is £5 per transaction but requires a £100 registration fee. The rest have ongoing monthly charges and I’m not keen on doing that.


I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to miss out so will need another account for the time being.

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Agreed. Hoping Freetrade can get on this soon!

X-O is £5.95 per trade and doesn’t appear to have other fees which is the best I could find whilst waiting for Freetrade to support it :crossed_fingers:t3: