Freetrade AMA on Clubhouse, Wed 17th Feb, 6 PM

Hi everyone :wave:

We’re sure most of you have heard about this new buzzing app called Clubhouse, it’s the audio chat app with conversation rooms!

We’ll be having our first Freetrade room where you can hop in and chat with the Freetrade team.

Join the Freetrade team for an AMA session where we’ll be discussing what happened at the Freetrade HQ during the GME craze, the future of investing and more.

It’s our first room - come and say hey!

:alarm_clock: Wed 17th Feb, 6 - 7 PM
:round_pushpin: Clubhouse :clubs::house:
Hosts: @adam @Viktor @Freetrade_Team @Doyin
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We want to give you as a member of our community a chance to send in questions to the team. Drop them below and we’ll answer as many of the most liked questions as possible.

Looking forward to our first-ever Clubhouse chat with you all!

Come & chat with the Freetrade Team: GME, SPACs & more! - Clubhouse

Doyin :raised_hands:


Questions here I assume?

Can you share some numbers? Hows the SIPP launch going? How are the other products doing in terms of numbers of customers e.g. GIA, ISA, Plus uptake?


Hi, really want to attend this, but don’t have a clubhouse invite. Can I please get an invite ? @Doyin @Freetrade_Team :pray:

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Be sure to check in on this thread, community members are sharing invites after they’ve joined ClubHouse - #59 by GaJa

  1. Can we have a date (soon is fine by me) for the launch in France? Or other EU countries?

  2. The 3 dots in 2021 product map that have been shared… Can we get an exclusive)?

  3. Can we get the answer to the 457 puzzle?


Hey, check out this conversation - members are sharing their invites so you should be able to grab one :pray:


My second question

Freetrades infrastructure seems to have held up much better than some competitors over this last month and over the last year, with only a few niggles with some slowdowns and 3rd party issues. even some well established competitors had big issues last year. Can you share some details into how Freetrades infrastructure has handled these strains on the system? What are you doing to improve the areas that did slow down or had some issues?


I have 3 invites available if anyone would like them.

DM me on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll get them over to you.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Twitter - @lewishinvest
Instagram- @lewishardinginvest

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Series B updates, EU expansion / Australia?? updates, Euro stocks on the app timelines


Will we get an idea of Freetrade’s AUM ahead of the next funding round?

What % of your install base is Android?

@adam did a good job communicating Freetrade’s position on Gamestop: that user’s should have freedom in what they bought and Freetrade would try to help them understand the risk. This was juxtaposed with other providers who limited users’ access to buy some securities (including Gamestop shares) at the time.

Does that in any way change Freetrade’s position on access to options? (Which as I understand it is hard no). Or is it simply a matter of the scale of the risk or complexity that means that it’s inappropriate to offer those products to users?


What about Android users? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Would love to join you all, but seeing as I don’t have an I phone, (and never will), I, like the millions of android users out there, will just have to sit quietly in the corner and imagine what could have been.


I went for the more passive-aggressive approach of asking that question

Honestly the timing and platform choice is so odd, they could have hosted this on any number of open platforms / formats over the last year. Or even CH - it’s not new.

It’s pretty cringe how many people are jumping on exclusive live unedited podcasts (aka proprietary radio) as it’s it’s some great new format just because a couple of influencers have used it.

(I guess this means I’ve reached the get-off-my-lawn phase)


Will be doing a streaming session via Zoom for Android users if FT’s team is ok with it

Some friends would like to listen but don’t have iPhones


Streaming via an iOS, invite only app is a great way to isolate your audience. Reconsider?


Hi everyone

We hear you, but we wanted to try this platform as a test to see how and audio chat could work. It’s a developing trend, and something we wanted to try now while the medium is in its infancy.

No doubt Twitter Spaces will also be available to all users very soon, so we could try something on there at some point.

And we’ll do another event on something like Zoom again, too!


Excited for the next Zoom event - watch this space all!


What % of users that joined during the peak day of GME madness (which was something like > 30k users), have:

  • Registered a session in the past 7 days
  • Are waiting on deposits to arrive

Will it be recorded for everyone else to catch up with after the live?


When it will be launched in Italy? I heard someone of the founder was from ITA…