Any others on this forum on Club House?

It’d be cool to have a regular investors chat every week or something like that


Nope, are you? I think people need an invite?

I’ll message you


I’m pretty sure Elon is invested in this company considering his tweet the other day as well

Was thinking this could also be a good idea if we can get enough people on board and perhaps some ft employees?

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The FT exec team are on there already but they’ve not been active so far I don’t think

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What is clubhouse? this seems to have passed me by

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I am on it and have 1 invite if anyone needs.

It’s exclusively invite only, so they give you the link to the app in the App Store (iOS only currently) when you get your invite.

I would appreciate the invite :grinning::grinning: Give it to Jad He has been waiting :grinning::grinning:

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I would love a sign up link if someone has a spare please?

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We have our first Freetrade Clubhouse room happening this Wednesday - stay tuned for the update later today!


Would love an invite if anyone has a spare!

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I don’t have any invites now but may have some later in the week

I too gave mine to a member on here who DMed me. If I get another, I’ll shout out.

Can the person who dm’d you share their referrals?

It would be good if we can get a chain going on this thread

If they wish to, would be ideal.

I have two, give me a bit I’ll post later. Who all’s still waiting for one?

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I’d love aha invite too if any going?

Could you please send me one code . Thanks in advance.
Got invite from @Eden . Sending others one more left

If anyone has a spare one then I would love to have it, thanks