Crowdfunding round eight, Wed 14 Sep 2022 ๐ŸŽˆ

And if they are should be fully acceptant of what it is, one massive gamble!


Particularly if CLN = No EIS.

Hi @TheRealDamiano, the form should be working ok.

Can you DM me and weโ€™ll check it out? Thanks

Hi @Freetrade_Team thank you for your answer. I tried again, however, when I press โ€˜register nowโ€™ it shows โ€˜please waitโ€™, I have been waiting for several minutes but nothing happens. If I retry it gives me the error message

I donโ€™t want to be Mr negative but Iโ€™m seeing the same tricks Napster used to screw over investors. Definitely invest at your own risk!!


Go - go - go! Get your tickets for the next community meetup, where weโ€™ll be discussing all things R8 and putting your questions to our senior team.

Plus witness the great @NeilB in action, MCing his first meetup. :freetrade:


Hi everyone, just wanted to chime in to say we hear all the questions, including those specific to the CLN! We will send another email giving further detail and answering those questions.

We have had a TON of messages back on the first message, and we really appreciate the interest!


What evidence/info do you know that can back this up?

None whatsoever,all I need is experience and gut instinct,Freetrade are just going to keep growing and growing. Watch this space :flushed::flushed:

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As, @bitflip said, at the time explanation were super ambiguous. Here @Freetrade_Team you can find more questions about that time that until today were not answered:

Please @Freetrade_Team, FT should clarify all this questions ASAP. Thanks.

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Uhm no, I think it is a floor

is anyone keen to buy actual shares rather than a CLN? Open to trading mine at a discount to R7

Iโ€™ll take them off your hands at ยฃ2.50


Bidding war starting


Not sure if it is my foggy memory, but Crowdcubeโ€™s shady success tax wording seem to be slightly different to how I remember them from :freetrade: R7:

If the Success Fee applies, Crowdcube will distribute to the Investor 95% of any distribution which exceeds the Subscription or Purchase Price.

So that reads as 5% of any gains?
Can anyone share the wording that was in place from R7?


Is the crowd funding right now?

Already at ยฃ150k. Wishing the team all the best with this raise!


Please can anyone explain why the target is only ยฃ1M?

I thought the reason behind this raise was to extend runway, but at a burn rate of ยฃ1M pcm this seems a very short extension :thinking:

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Itโ€™s a yearly crowdfund so I wouldnโ€™t worry