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Absolutely, please do!

We have a lot of questions from replies to the shareholder letter and elsewhere, too, and would love to add questions from community members to the list.


In hindsight do you regret choosing Sweden? Given that:

  • You now need ISK accounts before launch
  • The small waitlist of users (only 2-3k) from a relatively small pool of potential users
  • Slower than expected regulatory process
  • No other country uses Swedish Krona or speaks Swedish

If not, why does it still make sense?


Thanks for the reply @Freetrade_Team - unless I’m mistaken this is a delay in Freetrade providing the payments then?

As for contacting support, I’ve tried numerous times with either a generic answer of how many working days payments are expected to be received in, or saying they haven’t been received by the company yet but will be allocated as soon as they are.

Assuming this second point of being allocated when received, I’m not sure how it can take 10 days for Freetrade to receive the payments from the company but other UK brokers receive it much more quickly - is there any explanation for this?


Another question:

Is there any progress being made on the process for ‘complex’ investments, and is there a timeframe of when these will be available for purchase again?


One for Adam and Viktor:

The CTO position has remained vacant since Ian left and you don’t appear to be currently recruiting for the position.

Why do you believe you don’t need a CTO, given your backgrounds aren’t tech focused?
Who provides the strategic technology leadership in the company?


A question for anyone who can definitively reply.

Can you confirm 100% that we do not pay any fee to CC for selling our shares from the last round as we were led to believe?

It has been mentioned CC couldn’t charge if we sold without using them but can you explain how we can do this and why this round is potentially charged if sold via CC and not older ones? Is it due to us being able to sell but only via a loophole and how easy would that be without the “on demand” buyers that the CC platform offers?

For such a majorly discussed topic a blog post with clear guides would be very welcome for those of us who still do not know what the clear situation is.


From @Tom88

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In Adam’s email to us all he talked about gross margins being 80-90% of revenues which is stellar.
From a different recent post, a tweet from Adam talked at revenues of £100m+ for 2023 - his estimate.
Can we expand on this and understand where this revenue leap is coming from (current annual revenue run-rate is £24m), how reliable this estimate will be, what are the risks to the downside of this estimate etc., and also whether we should expect gross margins to remain at 80-90% in 2023.

Best of luck for the R8 funding


The R7 investors have taken a pounding on the share price that they bought in at. Has the Freetrade NFT perk (for £10,000 investors if I remember rightly?) joined the piles of other NFTs that became fads and then crashed or was there/is there any plan to give it value?

Oh and LISAs again. LISAs, LISAs, LISAs… including transferring LISAs to Freetrade.


Would somebody mind uploading the zoom call to YouTube or somewhere for us folks who can’t see it live?

  1. When will LISA’s join the roadmap?
  2. When will fill autopilot(investment pies and DRIP) be released?
  3. Is it possible to make a start on introducing FT to other countries in parallel with what ever the hold up in Sweden?
  4. Can we have a full in depth explanation as to what the hold up with crypto investing is?

Has there been any discussions (formal or informal) with third parties who may be interested in acquiring Freetrade?

Do you see this as a credible exit strategy for investors?


Id also like to understand more what this means for R7 investors (who bought in at £9.25 a share i believe). Is it no more than having to ride the storm here and hope the market/indicative share price rebounds in time?

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Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but what is the hit for R7 investors?

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it depends:

  • if Freetrade has a Series C in the next 12 months with a valuation of over £650m , no hit for R7 overall, but people that invest in this Debt round will get shares at around £5 per share (£400m valuation), with a discount of around 35% vs R7 investors.
  • without a Series C, people that invest in this round will get shares in 12 months at £3.77, with a discount of around 60% vs R7;
  • with a Series C valuation between £250m and £650m, people that invest in this round will get shares between £3.77 and £5.0 per share (more or less).

In the email it also says there is more to it than that. R7 can lose out majorly if the company is sold as not only are the shares worth loads less now than bought at £9.25 but this was in the mail.

If the company is sold for £60 million the first £50 million of proceeds would go to the preferred shareholders. Each preferred shareholder would receive £1 per share and recoup their investment. The remaining £10 million of proceeds would have to be divided between the ordinary shareholders and each would receive £0.20 per share, making an 80% loss on their investment.

All in all, it looks the R7 investors took a massive loss unless something huge/unlikely happens going forward.


Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you invest at the peak of the market just before a crash.


Pretty well the case for any Tech stock bought in November 2021.


Agree on the timing was bad but the % loss is by far the worst of anything I ever invested in and had many tech stocks from that period as well.

Tell a lie Evraz is the only worse result for me but I like to pretend that never happened :rofl:


Absolutely no relevance whatsoever,seriously just relax and watch your investment grow over the next 2-3 yrs. everything will be just fine!

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