Computation of average share price

The average share price is inaccurate - it does not take into account stamp duty.

Also, it would be much better if average share price was shown in the currency that the shares are denominated in.


This is a pain point for me… as I like to see how much my share average (what i hold) and look at the current market price.

See my new post its all kind of related as the analytics are a little bit weak when it comes to the fine details.

I also done a calculation on AFC Energy my calculator comes out exactly as Microsoft excel. Does which are both showing like 1.5 pence out which is weird because I have added the exact numbers from my shares when bought including all decimal places?

This share doesn’t have any fees ontop so I’m stumped.

Average share price is complex especially with currency.
My opinion is that both converted and original currency averages should be shown.
However, my main beef with the way FT does averages is that it takes the FIFO approach - which assumes that you are buying more and more expensive shares - not always the case as some people have already stated here.

My preference would be to add extra sell option as follows:
Click (select) the original share purchase. Add a Sell button inside the share certificate. Then click / perform a sale from there. The advantage is you don’t have to worry about average up / down using FIFO or LIFO. Because you’ve sold a known batch of shares, you just use the original share quantities and prices to average - even if you do partial sells.
For those people that want the existing option, they can use the existing buy / sell buttons.