Please can someone explain the reasoning behind how the average share price is calculated?

My average shareprice was ~£8.50 per share.

I SOLD 2500 shares at $12.09

I then BOUGHT 1065 shares at $11.80

This changed my average share price to £7.83

£7.83 works out to $10.89

I couldn’t work out why the shares I bought to average down were $11.80 how can I have averaged down past that to to $10.89 dollars?

Freetrade tell me they use a FIFO (first in first out) cost queue which doesn’t make sense to me; or at least doesn’t give me the information I want.

Unless I’m missing something fundamental - this is actually fairly possible; new to this - I see the price per share as the number of shares I own divided by the amount of money I paid for the shares.

When I sell shares, the PPS should simply take into account the profits/loss from my overall shares in that stock and re-calculate based on that.

What am I missing?

thanks everyone.

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