The average pricing and profit / loss mistakes

I made a large order over 10k it shows average price 17.67 but current price 13 dollars and says 150 dollars difference it never adds up

US stocks have Fx fees and currency fluctuations, would that account for it?

Not 4 dollars a share I want freetrade to succeed because I dont want 212 to be the only one sometimes their customer service reply instantly sometimes they dont reply this question was one where they didn’t reply

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What share? what was the execution price? time of the trade? Does the price actually reflect the price at the time or are you saying its $4 out against the public buy price at the time of the trade?

Freetrade gives an average price in gbp which is 4 pounds more than the price at the moment despite it being the same I bought in at

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So answer the questions and we can see what happened.


The share was workhorse and I bought at different times but the idea of an average I’d that it works out your average price for you

Any other questions

So you originally said the price of the share was $13 and Freetrade is showing £17 average price.

But you’ve now said it was Workhorse you were investing in, which has been around $23 all day, which is around £17…

Are you getting confused with buying in dollars but it showing as average and total pounds in your account?

No the current price shown by freetrade is 13 pounds but showing average price of 17.67 it doesnt show dollars if it did it would be easier as I could check it myself there was a period it showed me as being 1thousand pounds profit but current value 16 pounds compared to average price of 17.67 they have the calculations wrong and where they do not show average in dollars I cant double check it

No offence, but it’s impossible to understand this. Could you please make use of punctuation?

The current price for workhorse is $23.30, approx £17.45.

Unfortunately I agree with @SebReitz, your numbers are all over the place and it’s hard to understand what your problem is at the moment.

  • The current price is $23.30
  • Your average price is the average price you paid for all your workhorse holdings.
  • Your current value is the value of all your shares today regardless of the price you paid. This includes fractionals
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I understand that but when I go to the app it gives me either the wrong average price or the wrong current price because they give it in gbp on the app I cant double check it

You should be able to check. Each buy/sell has a contract note including price and fx rate in the currency it was executed in. I’m not sure how you’ve determined that the average price is inaccurate?

The current price is accurate at $23.30

That all seems to add up

Current value of all your shares is £13446.95
Holding 774.2668 shares

This gives a value per share of £17.36 which is approximately the price of a share now.

Your average price per share is £17.05, so the average you paid for all shares is £13201

Giving you a £245 gain at the current price

(Keep in mind rough calculations)

Which part are you seeing errors with?


My issue is when dealing with us stocks why do they not give an average price in dollars you could have it in gbp and usd I just think it would make things easier I understand the forex and tax implications but there were a few days when freetrade took a while to update and it came up with the average going to different prices when I wasnt buying I just think it would be a good addition

Ah that’s an unrelated issue to the problem you were having. There’s a thread about that here $$ value per share

I agree it would be good to see the USD prices on US shares.

Sorry if u confused you

Yep then there is the. 45 fx fee to consider too. I’ve executed orders that look in profit and made a loss