How does this make sense?

How does this make any sense?
The conversation of £173.16 is 238.10$ So how can I be down over £10??

Am I missing something?

173.16 is the average price you have paid. If you bought shares over a period of time they would have cost different amounts. So I imagine that’s the average.

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So basically you bought some cheap and some cost more, that’s where the average cost comes from.

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yep but my avg price is 238.10 and at the time of the screenshot it was 6 pence of my avg price so how can i be £10 down?

I’m not sure I see the what the issue is.

The current value is £832.79

To calculate the total cost you paid - You have 4.86928263 shares x £173.1651 per share (average) = £843.189814

So £832.79 (Current value) - £843.189814 (what you paid for shares) = -£10.3998


I get that but how do you explain this?
The avg price in dollars now is 238.10 however the price shown there right now 239.46 dollar how can I still be down?

Is it that the USD/GBP exchange rate has changed? Your profit/loss is calculated from the costs in £, but the current price shown is $

The pound has risen vs the dollar recently which could explain it

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So I have changed the pounds into dollars and using that to compare with the live price

It’s difficult to know for sure, but I’m guessing it is caused by you using a different exchange rate to freetrade.

Although equally invalid - I attempted to recreate what you were doing using the rate on (admittedly I’m doing it 2 hours after you, so completely invalid). I came up with:

£173.1651 coverts to $241.22 (1GBP = $1.39301)
$241.22 (what you paid) - $239.46 (current value) = $1.76 loss per share
So $1.76 * 4.86928263 shares = $8.57 total loss

Interestingly we can of course figure out what exchange rate freetrade were using at that time based on your screenshot.

£836.67 / 4.86928263 = £171.8261 per share

$239.46 (current share price) / £171.8261 (current value per share) = 1.393618

Which is the exchange rate they used.

So then going back to your way of looking at it. £173.1651 (avg price you paid) * 1.393618 (the exchange rate freetrade used at that time) = $241.326

$241.326 - $239.46 = $1.866 per share loss

$1.866 * 4.86928263 = $9.086 total loss

$9.086 (total loss) / 1.393618 (exchange rate) = £6.5197

Which is more or less the “gain/loss” figure in the screenshot.

So the TLDR version is - where are you getting your exchange rate?

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To add to this, based on your numbers the exchange rate you are using is 1.3749. According to Google the GBP/USD exchange rate has been above 1.38 for over a week.

Hmm - you’re not using the exchange rate listed in the contract note are you?

so i have been using the google conversation do we know what exchange rate freetrade is using?

also is there anyway to keep the money in USD to save paying the exchange rate for each trade?

You can’t hold foreign currencies in ISA, you can do so in regular trading account or in a SIPP (although I don’t use either with FT so not sure if this is supported by FT).

ive got a regular account a GIA account if that helps?

I don’t think FT supports multi-currency in GIA either, I don’t use it but someone who has tried it can comment. I use multi-currency in interactive investors.

It’s not supported at present, no.