Lack of Clarity on where I'm gaining/losing money

Currently not sure how accurate the information in the App is on some elements of cost, fees, currency fluctuations and overall share price. The main example I have which is what is leading me to make this thread is that I bought in on FLIR at 42$ a share and it’s now over a dollar higher per share and I’m still down 2%. The transaction had an FX fee of £2, however with the amount of shares I have this fee shouldn’t be enough to make my investment a loss considering the current value of the stock. This is the only info I get so it’s hard to tell where this loss is coming from when considering that on face value, I would assume from this information that I should have a gain, not a loss. I’m assuming there is some element of loss related to foreign exchange fees, changes in currency and such that contribute to this but there’s 0 information on it which makes it difficult to properly discern what exactly is happening to my money at each stage of buying, holding and selling a share. Are there any plans in the near future to increase clarity and present more clear info on our positions so that things like this make more sense?

The price of your stock in the app is not live. Might just be that.

When did you buy it? the pound has been rising against the dollar for a month or so, so it may well be that

I guess it would be nice if the app told you that somehow, not sure if any competitors have that?


About a month ago. I’m sure currency fluctuations probably play a big part in it, it’s just that it’s hard to gauge in the position of the average trader. I’m not too concerned overall but I can imagine a lot of users experiencing a similar situation and feeling unsure about what is happening to cause them to have losses that, based on the info provided, don’t add up.

I guess if there was a way to see the rise in $ before currency conversions that would work?

It sounds like it has probably risen in $ by less that the £ has risen over the last month


GBP:USD 01/07 : 1.25
GBP:USD 01/07 : 1.31

So a 4.8% increase not quite offset by a $1 rise from $42 ( a 2.4% hike ) even without FX charges.

The app does show current £ price and average £ price for a quick comparison.


It would be nice to see more info on app, that is for sure. For example when buying the same share multiple times, all you will see is average £ amount per share. It would be nice to see how much each buy portion is. In another words, it would be very nice when tapping on let’s say company XVZ that was bought in a few transactions you could see individual transactions leading to the average £ amount per share.

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I have the same problem here with one particular share - Amazon. All others seem ok.

I contacted the lovely team via the app and hope I can share what I am going learn.

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