Conroy Gold & Natural Resources plc CGNR

This gold exploration and development company focused on Ireland and Finland.

Some really positive comments made by both CGNR and AAZ about being close to agreeing the joint venture.

If this happens I’m expecting CGNR to have a great 2021.

I’m summarised my thoughts on Instagram :point_down:

Conroy finally getting appreciated by the market.

The catalyst has been news that an EGM is scheduled for 22nd Dec to approve the JV with a fortune 500 company (Demir Exports), who will spend £10M+ on drilling and getting ready to mine.

Potentially 15-20M Oz of gold :eyes:

I expect a lot of GGP holders who missed getting in early to see this as a second chance.

Happy holding this for the next 2-3 years now.

Still unable to buy due to an issue with stamp duty… looks to be the same issue for a few AIM stocks.

I’ve been with Freetrade since 2019 and have consolidated all my holdings here in my ISA as well as my SIPP and whilst I still believe Freetrade will do well in the longer term, I’m getting more and more frustrated with issues plaguing the app as well lack of basic functions.

Let’s hope we see some progress soon because IG is looking awfully tempting :laughing: