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Conroy Gold and Natural Resources Public Limited Company operates as a mineral exploration company. The Company explores for gold and other minerals in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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:black_small_square:Conroy Gold has made a series of gold discoveries over a 65km (40 mile) trend

:black_small_square:The 4 primary gold target areas are Clay Lake, Clontibret, Glenish and Slieve Glah with gold proven in bedrock

Conroy Gold switches focus from exploration to development at flagship gold project

I thought I recognised the name. Remember reading this in the past!

BBC News - The potential Β£11bn goldmine on the Irish border

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That’s right the share price has huge potential upside - lots of investors loading up with only 1.5m volume seeing a +65% growth last week, now waiting…

8.8Moz potential
517k Oz JORC
14m free float
Market Cap Β£3.5m

#CGNR massive upside for gold exposure, Β£2 is only Β£46m Mcap

Would be great to see CGNR added to Freetrade asap! :money_mouth_face:

I really hope this gets added.

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Large volume buys coming in, R3 will be broken Monday, short term target of 25, then onto medium term target of 38.5. Price currently 8.5 representing an 75% potential gain in #CGNR.

Long term = sky’s the limit! Get on the train while you still can - price is at crazy low levels due to long term investor sell action - on the up tomorrow when seller clears :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: