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To add Contango Holdings

Bumping this one - any chance we can get this added ahead of production end of Q1 please?


@MrChew you’re going to have to try and get some votes in for this one. If you’ve got anything exciting to share you’re more likely to see it added, plus it helps the community learn and grow.

Can we get a few more votes on this - a met coal play (similar to Bens Creek) where they a huge resource and start production next month.
At sub £40m mcap they are hugely undervalued based on the forecast EBIT they produce likely to exceed the current mcap.
They also have approx 2moz of gold in out in Mali (which I’m only viewing as a bonus for now).

For those not familiar - metallurgical coal (or coking coal) is used along with iron ore to produce steel.
The met coal price is at all time highs as the demand for steel continues to increase - this bodes well for undervalued companies only just starting production (look at the rise of Bens Creek since October!)

This has almost doubled in the last couple of weeks and will likely do the same again in the next couple of months (assuming there are no issues with production starting).

Let’s get this added please!


@MrChew knows his mining companies, not sure if it’ll be worth buying but I’ll vote for the helpful sharing of knowledge alone :ok_hand:t2:

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Any news here?

Bumping this up as it seems particularly time sensitive. If it follows anywhere near the trend of Bens Creek before it, then this could be lucrative.

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Why is it difficult for a share to be added? Does it cost freetrade money?


good question

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There are costs and time constraints for adding new stocks which is why they’re added in batches.

Some are added due to them being support by partners and some because Freetrade have added it themselves.

Ultimately the more community votes for a stock the more attention this generates and the faster you’ll see it added. There is a template which is advised to follow which will help generate said interest as “please add XYZ because … reasons” won’t get much love from the community.

If you see interesting articles or know stuff about this company share it here

I don’t work for FT, photo from a community meet up

voting this up! Bens creek investor and this looks really promising aswell !


Love for this to be added soon.

They’ll be producing met coal within the next month and the market is impatiently waiting for offtake agreements to be signed.
Once this happens there should be a BEN style rise in this as met coal is a money printing business right now.
There’s also the potential for left field news on the gold deposit they own (also in Africa).
This is worth multiples of the existing market cap alone based on typical gold in ground value (even for jurisdictions in Africa which are typically cheaper than “safer jurisdictions”).


FT please can you add ASAP, I see this is already available on another app but would ideally like all my investments linked with FT.

Kind regards.


Yeah, please add this asap please. I got a real good feeling about this one.


Up vote.
Hoping for a Bens Creek 2.0

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This company is mining MET coal, specifically for steel production. MET coal is at an all time high.

These guys are also investing i the facilities to process the coal into even more valuable Coking coal. Having seen a similar venture Bens Creek rise from 15p to 95p a share in very short order I have high hopes for this one … if i can buy it!

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FT could someone please comment if this will be added? FOMO is setting in and i don’t want to be diversifying onto multiple apps.


Agree some communication would be nice (even if it’s to say why it can’t be added).
Especially when I see relatively obscure European stocks being added…


@MrChew @J4ckSt4yn3s @JL3 @XarasVII @Dan888 Contango is now available on your app! :freetrade: