MC Mining Ltd - MCM

MC Mining Limited is an Australia-based coal mining company. It is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and operation of metallurgical and thermal coal projects in South Africa. The Company operates through three segments: exploration, development and mining.

The met coal price has been very strong recently and I think the market is yet to pick up on this one…

Coking coal in South Africa.

Really need this listed before it goes crazy.

@MrChew @J4ckSt4yn3s

Have either of you looked into this one?

Lol, it’s always the one i don’t have that does well.

I did not know of them Neil, but i do now thanks. Will do some reading when i get home.

Interesting thing is their share price when it all kicked off, around the Contango Holdings price so will see how similar they are in production estimates and stuff.

I did back in April…

They do carry a chunk of debt which doesn’t make them as appealing in my opinion, but given they have exposure to both thermal and met coal it’s no surprise there’s a lot of interest in them at the moment.

In all honesty, it doesn’t seem like adding new stocks to Freetrade has been a priority in the last few months (regardless of the amount of interest), just look at the interest in CTL since May - very disappointing.

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Says it’s complete? But isn’t actually on freetrade ATM :thinking: not under MCM or MC mining anyway.

I can’t see that

When two requests are merged the platform shows the one as completed. It’s a quirk in thenplatform.

Up another 51% over the last five days. Yet Freetrade continue to not bother adding new stocks. Very frustrating.

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Up 29% yesterday. Are stock requests even looked at anymore?

Hi @Charlie2020

When this was requested it had a market cap of circa £15m, that’s tiny (cheaper than one branch of a town Center Mcdonalds’)

It also had just gone 5 days with 3 days where no trades were made, it went on to repeat this on multiple occasions. Given the way, Freetrade executes trades you either not be able to buy or sell.

I have no idea about this company but can speak to the process of adding stocks to the platform 9 votes isn’t going to make much of an impact.

Now that the volume has increased, stabilized, and the market cap has improved it stands a far better chance of being added.

Hi everyone :wave: MC Mining Ltd has now been added to your app


Awesome, thanks for that.

Last i seen they have fallen behind a little in getting their mine up and running.

Be interesting to watch this one, there’s a new steel plant opening which folks seem to be pegging will be supplied by Contango, plant looks to be virtually right in the middle between Contango’s mine and MC’s mine.

Of course nothing saying they can’t offtake from both, and if it’s as big as it’s supposed to be it might have to but i think the plant opens next year and by then Contango should hopfully be running smoothly by then. Mc may have to do a bit of catching up.

Thank you :raised_hands:t2: