[Request] Fortescue Metals Group (ASX:FMG)

Listed in Australia. Ticker FMG

Mines iron ore but is committed to be carbon neutral by 2030. Recent example is their 2 mile ‘infinity’ train (they have 16 of them) that charges a battery on its downhill trip (when full) and uses that battery on the way back up (when empty and lighter). Uses British tech here.

Anyway, with shift away from hotspots such as Russia, more business should flow through other firms in other locations eg FMG in Australia.

Would be good to see this as an investment option.


Hey @Cooper, unfortunately Freetrade doesn’t support ASX listed instruments, Fortescue Metals Group also have an American listing but since its on the OTC Market this too is also unsupported.

Looking into the company though it does sound very interesting so hopefully we’ll be able to invest in the future!

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