Contract Notes 📜

I see the last comment on this is from a while back, but there is still no way to export contract notes. In fact, for compliance reasons anyone working in finance will have a problem if one can’t download the contract notes, because they need to be passed on to the compliance department as official proof of the transaction. Furthermore, the current contract note screen doesnt contain all the information needed in a trade disclosure to compliance. I have had to stop using freetrade because there is no way to get official contract buy/sell notes that also confirm the corresponding account number. Also, taking a screenshot is impractical as one needs to scroll in order to see all the information. Not quite sure why this is so hard to implement…

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What is it missing?

Well, the key thing it’s missing is the associated account number. On my account for example it doesn’t allow me to prove if it’s on my ISA or on my normal account.
The sec essentially seem to require : Date, title (e.g. ticker cusip or isin), number of shares, buy/sell, transaction price, name of broker, and account number.
But rather than a screenshot they want a formal document (e.g. pdf) as well…


Yes, I would also support that.

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